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Seals mint in even hours. Eels mint in odd hours.
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If 100 Seals or Eels are minted in an hour then they are rewarded with special weather and the other is punished with bad weather.

Quiet. This Is Seriously Good.

Generative Art Component

Inline with the weather elements, the backgrounds are monthly heat maps generated with matplotlib and 2 years of weather station data. I have a passion for creative coding and generative art with an emphasis on data influenced algorithms.

Hourly Type Selector

Each hour the minting flips between either all Seals or all Eels. Seals are minted in even numbered hours and Eels in odd numbered hours. You can choose if you are on team Seal, team Eel, or just leave it up to chance.

Mint Activity Influenced Weather Events

If 100 Seals or Eels are minted in an hour then they are rewarded with special weather and the other is punished with bad weather. Watch out for high winds, lightning strikes, scorching heat, heavy snow, or rainbows and stars!

Headshot (aka PFP) Included

Want to show off your Seal or Eel PFP style? This is covered with a headshot image cropped from the original and included in the attributes (ipfs_url) (example). I like to think of Seals and Eels as an art piece, but it is many things with many influences.

Parallel Universe

Every time a Seal or Eel is minted, a parallel art piece of the other type is left unclaimed. If a Seal is minted, then there is a parallel universe Eel and vice versa. After the last NFT in the collection is minted, a snapshot will be taken of the current holders 7 days following at 12:00 PM PST. Holders in the snapshot will be added to the whitelist for the Seals and Eels Parallel Universe free mint (gas not included) to claim their long lost seal or eel.

Art Specifications

I hope for each Seal and Eel to be appreciated as NFT art. There are creative coding and generative art influences including data influenced algorithms. This was also created with dimensions which should be decently printable:

Dimensions: 4600px x 4600px
Headshot: 1400px x 1400px
Image Type: PNG
Blockchain: Ethereum
Distributed: IPFS

Attributes Rundown

attribute description
backgrounds Heatmaps generated with matplotlib from 2 years of weather station data and 80 color palettes. 10% of weather data is randomly generated.
precipitation 50% of time rain or snow
snow 33% of time when precipitation
sun 33% of time when not bad weather
clouds random variations depending on weather conditions
rainbows Special weather event (technically raining rainbows) influenced by minting activity
stars Special weather event influenced by minting activity
bad weather Weather event influenced by minting activity including high winds, lightning, heavy snow, and scorching heat.
umbrella 50% of time when has rain
hair 10% of time. Various styles.
hats 5% of time when not has hair. Various styles.
buddy 5% of time when not has hair. Various styles.
shades If sunny. Various styles.
teeth 20% of time. Various styles.
tongue 20% of time
mustaches 20% of time. Various styles.
ring 20% of time - seal has nose ring, eel has lip ring
body colors Random variations of hue, spots, stripes
easter eggs Some easter egg surprises along the way!

Questions and Answers

What is the maximum supply and why?

The maximum supply is 13,333. Many know that 10,000 was established as a bit of a norm in the space, but for this series it made sense to increase because of the 2 different types in play - Seals and Eels. Increasing this number slightly will allow the algorithm to explore more of the variations for both. Additionally, the first 333 will be created in the private mint stage to demonstrate what the series is all about. The first 333 will be minted to mindrash.

Is there a roadmap?

The series is meant to be appreciated for what it is, but there is a bit of excitement still to come in the Parallel Universe feature. The counterpart of a Seal or Eel is always created, but only one will be selected depending on it being an odd or even hour. The parallel universe counterpart will be mutated a bit and then available to be minted by holders using a snapshot the week following the final Seals and Eels mint.

How is Seals and Eels Licensed?

See the NFT 2.0 License.

Is there a Discord?

I'm not a believer that all projects need a discord or a community. I'm sure you have a lot to keep up with already. If for some reason these form organically, it will have gone far beyond my expectations as a project. You can always reach out to me on Twitter or just tweet up some #sealsandeels!

What do they freaking look like?

You've read this far and have no idea what these look like. Check out the 333 private mint demonstration on Opensea and Rarible.